Low Altitude Aerial Photography

Low altitude aerial photography, also know as elevation photography, has steadily been gaining ground since the turn of the century, and for good reason. An aerial view provides an overall picture that is simply not possible from ground level. These types of shots can really help a realtor’s listing stand apart from the crowd. It can show not only the home, but the backyard and surrounding areas. These shots can produce a much more exciting and informative view for potential home buyers. The twilight aerial shot especially can potentially add even more impact by presenting the home in a way that most people would never see it. The striking colors and contrast visible in a twilight shot can turn a bland looking cookie-cutter house into an alluring and mysterious home. Let’s say that you have a beautiful cluster of colorful trees or an enticing body of water behind the property. Without an elevated shot, prospective buyers may never get the big picture, so to speak, until delving deeper into the rest of the photo catalog. What elevation photography brings to the table is an immediately eye-catching first glimpse of the property, which will invariably lead most to examine the rest of the house, thus vastly increasing the chance of a sale. I predict that as the awareness of this art form grows, so will the demand for its implementation in real estate photography.


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