What is a “Great” client?

A paying client is a good client. I can agree with that statement.

What moves a client into the “great” category? Of course, lots of loyal business is a major factor, but photographing the work of someone who is as passionate about their craft as I am breeds the relationships in business I am looking for. Quality not Quantity.

I’m talking to you.

I want to be inspired by your work. So inspired that I dare not accept anything but the best from my photographic portrayal. I don’t consider myself an artist – you are the artist, I am here to show the world how great your art is. With a camera.

In doing that – I succeed. I have clean and beautiful photos to populate my repertoire. You also succeed – by exhibiting your talents for others to see, accurately.

When all that is happening – it’s relaxed and fun. Sure, there’s work to be done, but it’s done with excitement. I am just as excited to see the images as you are!

  • Passionate people creating the best work of their lives
  • A mutual appreciation for the abilities of the other
  • Fun working atmosphere

That’s what a great client is. Just like Mary Lambrakos of MKL Design. She gets it. Houston Architectural Photographer

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