When I first exhibited an interest in photography at the age of 20, my Uncle gave me an ounce of gold. “Take the money you get from selling this to buy a good camera,” he said with a grin. Starting out with nothing more than that Nikkormat FTN, I cradled it like a newborn child. It was as tough as nails because it needed to be. I think I only dropped it once. With it, I sharpened my skills and learned the illusive ways of light. Twenty years in to my profession, I have specialized in photographing commercial and architectural spaces. I now carry the title of Certified Professional Photographer and Certified Remote Pilot and continue to educate myself in the art of photography and motion capture.  The camera I got with the gold? It rarely leaves the shelf. It still reminds me, though, that the treasures I have found with photography are worth much more than any precious metal. The gift of photography is priceless.

The Workspace

My studio is the world. To be exact, it is literally any space or community that needs to be showcased. From a multi family complex in Baytown to an vintage bungalo in West University, I feel at home shooting architecture - even when it's not so beautifully designed. My other life is the owner of Starlight Giclee. What is Giclee? I wrote a blog about it here. I capture and print high quality copies of artist's original work for sale at market. This process has found a wonderful home, in the "Studio Gallery" as I like to call it. You can find out more about Starlight Giclee by clicking here.