Thank you for submitting your order! I will review it and confirm a time with you in the next hour or two. In the meantime, here are some tips that will help the photography be as best it can be!

  • Front: Remove all debris, signs, and water hoses from the front. Have landscapers come one day BEFORE scheduled photography. Make sure all cars are moved out from in front of the house. Open all curtains and blinds. Trim bushes and trees that block the beauty of the house or are dead. It is up to you to WET THE DRIVEWAY should you want that done. I would do it about 5 minutes before the session time. This can help even out the concrete/pavers. Make sure the driveway is clear of leaves as well.
  • Interior: I'm not so concerned about a little bit of dust as I am CLUTTER. Remove it. If it doesn't help the photo, it should be deleted. I find the garage can be a great place to put these things. Take a minimalist approach - less is more. Make sure all the blinds are in good order, all the light bulbs are working and any  painting or handy work that is to be done is finished the day BEFORE the session. Turn OFF all fans. Make sure the laundry room is in good order - we may want to show that. Hide power cords and cables the best you can. There should be no products in the kitchen or bathrooms in view.
  • Back: Again with the landscaping, make sure it is done the day before. Move debris, BBQ grills and children's toys to the side of the house if possible. Make sure the pool cleaners are scheduled the day BEFORE the photo session. Remove the pool snake. Make sure patio umbrellas are clean and good order. Warn me of dog poop.