Mason Park Bridge

I took the scenic route along Brays bayou – not on the pathway. I did know I was heading the correct direction because I could see it. This beautiful pedestrian bridge. A crown jewel of a place that is still very unexplored for me, Mason Park in the East End. “It will also give residents on either side of the park access to the 30-mile Brays Bayou Greenway trail network, which is currently in development as part of the Bayou Greenways 2020 project”

Echo Workshop

A recent shoot for Echo Workshop. They are a smart home company and a great client – here’s a little more about their company:

Based in Houston, Texas since 1999, Echo Workshop is a smart home company that has been serving clients throughout Sugar Land and the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, South Texas, and New York City. We have an in-depth knowledge of our custom electronics industry and perform classes for our industry partners, interior designers, architects, and home builders throughout the year. We are a proud company always striving to reach greater heights, and we are constantly updating our education through industry organizations. We are our core values: integrity, honesty, reliability, and knowledge.

The gift of photography is priceless

When did I know – when I was 8 years old, printing images with Dean in the home made dark room? No. When I had John snap a photo of me doing a backflip, legs directly in the sky? Not yet. It was sitting at the entrance to the #Museum of Natural Science Houston taking tickets. I had a lot of time to read. I was reading “Feast of All Saints” by Anne Rice and it hit me: Photographer. I could do that. Age 22 and I exploded with excitement and passion just to hold a camera. It took years to court light properly – I now have her in my hand, as an admirer and student.

Waterfalls at Royal Oaks


“I want to live this way”

I love it when a place makes me say “I want to live this way”

I think that is one of the best lures into real estate marketing. Don’t just sell the house, sell the way you live.

I see a lot of great designs and ideas for living – you would think I would incorporate more! Perhaps they do affect my impulse, without knowing, little by little.