Burger Libre

I really enjoy a concept like this. Vibrant colors and great design. There’s no loss of small businesses out there, so I feel like I have so many more of jobs like these ahead of me.

Burger Libre

Killarney National Park

If you want to experience the true essence of a country – it’s best to get out of the big cities for a bit. That’s where you will usually encounter the fauna, food and people that represent what make it what it is. Walking the green hills in Ireland was the highlight of a recent trip there – Killarney National Park. I will have to remember one rule – Always bring an umbrella!

10 Retreat BLVD

Not much else to say except this is probably one of the largest homes I have ever shot. There is so much detail about the craftmanship, one being that the bricks are from Chicago.

808 Bayland Houston Heights


The words “modern, up to date and artistic” are used to describe the

newly built residence at 808 Bayland in the February 1912 issue of

“Homes,” a monthly magazine published by the Wm. A. Wilson Co.

The asking price? $4,500, with $500 down and monthly payments for

10 years for the two-story, seven-room house”.

Noteworthy features de- scribed in the marketing materials for the

home in 1912 included: bath, hot and cold water plumbing, electric

lights and gas. The main residence shared the 75-foot by 100-foot lot with

a two-story servants house and barn. Both the lot size and the original

home size (about 2,000 square feet) set the property off from its

humbler neighbors. From the earliest days, it appears, Bayland was viewed as

a premier street in the budding Woodland Heights subdivision.

In the 1930s and ’40s, two additions were made to the original

four-square style residence (so named because it was constructed with four

rooms on each of the two floors). By the turn of the 21st century,

however, the home had been carved up into five separate efficiency

apartments, each with its own kitchen and bath. A painstaking restoration in

2003 at last returned the home to its original, early 20th-century


The home’s restoration drew much of its inspiration from the

original Queen Anne windows that were salvaged and restored. The windows are

done in a “brick” pattern, with operational bottom sashes. They give

the home its distinctive character both inside and out.

The home’s exterior colors were chosen to reflect the palette that

would have been popular in the early 1900s. A porch off the

second-floor master bedroom offers dramatic winter views of the downtown skyline.


Listing Realtor – Terri Guerra


What is a “Great” client?

A paying client is a good client. I can agree with that statement.

What moves a client into the “great” category? Of course, lots of loyal business is a major factor, but photographing the work of someone who is as passionate about their craft as I am breeds the relationships in business I am looking for. Quality not Quantity.

I’m talking to you.

I want to be inspired by your work. So inspired that I dare not accept anything but the best from my photographic portrayal. I don’t consider myself an artist – you are the artist, I am here to show the world how great your art is. With a camera.

In doing that – I succeed. I have clean and beautiful photos to populate my repertoire. You also succeed – by exhibiting your talents for others to see, accurately.

When all that is happening – it’s relaxed and fun. Sure, there’s work to be done, but it’s done with excitement. I am just as excited to see the images as you are!

  • Passionate people creating the best work of their lives
  • A mutual appreciation for the abilities of the other
  • Fun working atmosphere

That’s what a great client is. Just like Mary Lambrakos of MKL Design. She gets it. Houston Architectural Photographer